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LeadingThinkers is known for its international roster of elite clientele from the fields of business, consumer technology, politics, and the arts.
Over the past twenty years, we have customized interactive marketing, communications, events and PR services for AOL, Audible, the Betty Crocker Institute, Bank of America, Fidelity Investments, The Great American Petting Zoo, HarperCollins Publishers, Lovejoy Independent School District, The New York Public Library, Random House, the Oxford Centre for Religion & Public Life and Weaver. We have represented an ambassador to the United Nations, a Nobel laureate in medicine, poets laureate from two countries, dozens of CEOs and celebrity authors. We have publicized chefs, economists, humorists, technologists, sociologists, psychologists and biologists. We have promoted musicians, managed the reputations of “patricians” and marketed practices for pediatricians. We have consulted to colleges, museums, performing arts groups, accounting, investment and law firms, and a traveling zoo. Now we’d like to talk about how we can help you!

Featured Client: Lenore Skenazy

Lenore Skenazy spent 14 years as an award-winning reporter at the New York Daily News. That’s where she learned how to gather the surprising insights others overlook.

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