LeadingThinkers is a Marketing, Communications, Events and PR agency known for its international roster of clientele from the fields of business, academia and the arts. We specialize in creating campaigns to promote corporate and individual thought leadership in all forms. We are passionate about helping organizations meaningfully communicate and engage with their audiences.

Over the past twenty years, we have represented companies in virtually every industry and created thought leadership campaigns to promote individuals including dozens of CEOs, an ambassador to the United Nations, a Nobel laureate in medicine, poets laureate from two countries, economists, professors, sociologists, a Fulbright scholar, doctors, lawyers, CPAs, realtors and financial advisors along with a roster of celebrity chefs, designers, comedians, actors, musicians and authors.

Our Agency’s Modus Operandi and Practice Philosophy

We at LeadingThinkers regard our clients and the media we serve as two parties in a symbiotic relationship – it is our role to facilitate and nurture that relationship.

The key to LeadingThinkers high-profile campaigns and successful media placements is the agency’s ability to discern the newsworthiness of the idea, issue or event our clients represent; identify a variety of angles to pitch; target a variety of appropriate media outlets to reach the intended audience; position stories in a context relevant and relative to the media outlet; and establish personal relationships with members of the press so that journalists and producers are willing to explore and expose cultural trends LeadingThinkers brings to their attention.

We bring worthy ideas to the attention of people seeking them.

We introduce people who should know each other. Whether this means introducing millions of readers to a new author or creating synergistic opportunities for our clients as corporate spokespeople, the agency is dedicated to creating genuine value for everyone with whom we interact.

LeadingThinkers is distinguished among PR agencies by our sensitive, intelligent, creative and rigorous attention to meeting clients’ needs.

We do not practice “hard sell” PR. LeadingThinkers is so well-respected in the industry that the media often call us to solicit guests for their shows.

Integrity: Respecting the Private Lives of Public People

Leading Thinkers possess integrity. Your public persona should not compromise your personal life by exposing your entire identity. Privacy is one of the most important aspects of fame. A well-crafted publicity campaign will protect your personal privacy as well as it will project your public image. Personal and professional integrity are distinctive features of LeadingThinkers’ clients and our PR campaigns on their behalf.

Our Clients Get All the Attention

You hear LeadingThinkers clients on the radio, see them on television, and read about them and their work in magazines and newspapers because Judy Safern and associates are on the phone “pitching” on their behalf. Beyond that, LeadingThinkers specializes in helping our clients develop new franchise opportunities for their talents — everything from books and seminars to product lines. We’ve helped clients find literary agents and publishers; we’ve helped clients develop careers as syndicated columnists and radio and television hosts. We’ve helped literary clients get nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award. We’ve helped academic clients with grant proposals and award applications – everything from the Pulitzer to the Fulbright. We’ve helped attorney clients make partner in their firms. We’ve helped corporate clients negotiate through difficult mergers and acquisitions. Email us now and tell us how we can help you. Or call us for a consultation and perhaps we can offer some creative suggestions to jump start your career!


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