The Greek engineer, mathematician, inventor, physicist, and astronomer Archimedes famously said: “Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world.”

That quote is about you, isn’t it?!

You have something to contribute.
A solution.
A legacy.
A story.

LeadingThinkers was founded to build your platform and provide you with leverage.
We attract your audience, promote your message, establish and maintain your reputation and create opportunities for you.

Our clients come from all over the world and from every industry. They practice every possible profession, from theoretical physics to sociology to furniture design to recipe development to tax planning and investment strategy. Each one of them possess intellectual passion and a desire to influence the cultural conversation. In other words: they are all thought leaders.

As a direct result of our campaigns on their behalf, LeadingThinkers clients have shared their ideas and have gained both mind and market share. We have helped clients launch products, introduce services, develop television deals, syndicate columns, break their proverbial legs on Broadway and tell their business stories in ways that genuinely wowed Wall Street.

LeadingThinkers clients like you have affected public attitudes and effected public policies. Some of them have genuinely changed the world and kept it safe for democracy. They have one thing in common: they have all changed the way we think.

What do you think?
We want to know who you are and what you have in mind.

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