Medical Practice Marketing:

Unless you are Dr. Who, you don’t want people saying that when they hear about you.

From Dr. Burton White (author of the THE FIRST THREE YEARS OF LIFE) to Dr. Laura Nathanson (THE PORTABLE PEDIATRICIAN FOR PARENTS) to Dr. John Gray (MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS) to Dr. Irvin Yalom (LOVE’S EXECUTIONER) and Dr. Gerald Edelman (who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine), we’ve represented some pretty amazing doctors and we’ve learned a lot from them.

They all began with a small office, an empty appointment calendar, and a big dream.

Maybe you’re not going to write a book or create a social revolution…maybe all you want is a full patient roster. We understand as well as you that medical practice marketing requires an ongoing dedication to patient retention and acquisition. Like any business, a medical practice benefits from a marketing plan — and, ideally, a marketing staff. But if you’re like most doctors you have neither of those. That’s ok. We’re here to help.

The same techniques we employ creating a celebrity career for a doctor who has written a book are successfully applied to raising the profile of a local doctor. And besides the star treatment, we are here to help with the fundamentals of practice marketing.  We all know that the best marketing is word-of-mouth but how do you build that? Do you need to advertise? How much of your budget should be devoted to advertising? What kind of ads work? What about publicity? That’s free advertising, right? What does it take to become a celebrity doctor? What about social media? How can you effectively use a Facebook page, Pinterest boards or Twitter feed to engage your current patients and attract new ones? How important are all the rating sites?

Our agency understands the challenges of medical practice marketing and we have low-cost, easy-to-implement programs tailor made to specialty practices.

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